ESPHome Weather Station LCD with Nextion 2.4 inch display and WeMos D1 Mini

Hello ESPHome lovers, today i have great news for everyone of you.

Thanks to Vaclav who kindly shared his process on how to build an esphome lcd weather station, i have been able to make a tutorial video available on youtube.

If you want to make a big step forward in the future of home automation this integration should definitely help you.

The video is in french but if you are familiar to ESPHome you will quickly understand.

I never posted a link on any of my videos about Home Assistant on this forum before, so if you like my work please subscribe to my channel it will help me to grow faster.

Thanks les Homies !


Thank you for the share.
I have been playing with my nextion for a long time but am not able to get it to work with any programming.
The only thing i do get is:
[W][nextion:083]: Sending command ‘inside.txt=“23.8”’ failed because no ACK was receivede
I did change the pins around in the software and physical but nothing works
I am using a 5" display but that should not really care i guess

I think Nextion does not send ACKs by it self. I had a similar issue with buttons and I was able to get rid of the issue by enabling “Send Component ID” for both touch press and release events of the button. I am not sure how to send component ids for text boxes.

There is an ack solution here.

I have the same issue when I try to use the Nextion display with esphome and D1 Wemo. Anyone get it to work without these error: 21:34:13][W][nextion:037]: Waiting for ACK timed out!
[21:34:13](Message skipped because it was too big to fit in TCP buffer - This is only cosmetic)
[21:34:19][W][nextion:037]: Waiting for ACK timed out!
[21:34:19][W][nextion:084]: Sending command ‘dim=30’ failed because no ACK was received

Read up one post.

This is first thing I did is follow the video and steps by steps but the display only show the tft file screen. No numbers update from the esphome shows up. I even reverse the tx and rx pins still not working. What I did wrong?? I been debugging and try various examples for whole 2 weeks and not working. Only examples that works is the HASwitch plate using MQTT but it create many automation on the HA that I do not like. I like the esphome method. Any hint on what I did wrong?

Yepp, same here. Tried to replicate the above project but as @MrTeaIOT told, I’m only get the TFT shown on the screen without any sensor input. As if there is no value at all from the sensors in homeassistant.
Tried to check some sensors on other nodes at they work flawlessly. Now I try to figure out which part is actually wrong in the code provided.

Here is my updated config:

# This is ESPHome configuration file. This goes to the esphome folder
# You need to provide your WiFi ssis/password and passwords for API and OTA (or put them in your esphome/secrets.yaml)
  name: station_meteo_lcd
  platform: ESP8266
  board: d1_mini_pro

  ssid: YOURS
  password: !secret wifi_password
  fast_connect: true



  baud_rate: 0     # Disable UART logging (pins GPIO1/3 are used for Nextion communication)

  rx_pin: D1
  tx_pin: D6
  baud_rate: 9600

  - platform: sntp
    id: sntp_time

  - platform: homeassistant   # Inside temperature
    id: temperature_inside
    entity_id: sensor.netatmo_indoor_temperature
  - platform: homeassistant   # Outside temperature
    id: temperature_outside    
    entity_id: sensor.saint_tropez_temperature
  - platform: homeassistant   # Swimming pool
    id: temperature_pool
    entity_id: sensor.cpu_temp
  - platform: homeassistant   # Forecast minimal temperature
    id: today_min
    entity_id: sensor.saint_tropez_temperature_minimale_pour_demain
  - platform: homeassistant   # Forecast maximal temperature
    id: today_max
    entity_id: sensor.saint_tropez_temperature_maximale_pour_demain
  - platform: homeassistant   # Forecast precipitation
    id: today_rain
    entity_id: sensor.saint_tropez_rain_chance
  - platform: homeassistant   # Forecast icon
    id: today_icon
    entity_id: sensor.today_icon

  - platform: homeassistant
    id: somebody_home
    entity_id: binary_sensor.somebody_home

 - id: first_page             # First page of the display?
   type: bool
   restore_value: no
 - id: display_on             # Is display on?
   type: bool
   restore_value: no
  - platform: nextion
    id: teplomer
    update_interval: 5s
    lambda: |-
      // Turn display on when somebody is home. Only update when display on.
      if (id(somebody_home).state) {
        if (!id(display_on)) {
        // Swich first/second page on each update (every 5 seconds)
        if (id(first_page)) {
          it.send_command_printf("%s.pic=%.0f", "weather",id(today_icon).state);
          if (isnan(id(today_rain).state)) {
          } else {
          auto time = id(sntp_time).now();
        } else {
        id(first_page) = !id(first_page);  // Switch page
      } else {
        // Turn off the display if nobody is home. 
        if (id(display_on)) {

It’s working perfectly for me. Follow the process shown in the video and you should be good.

I used your code on my project with nextion and esphome, managed to go back and forth on two pages.Is there any way to make a loop on more pages,like 4 or 5?

This example has multiple pages