ESPHome Web Page- missing entities

Sometimes when there is more than three or four entities in an ESPHome program, they don’t all show on the ESPHome web page. If I hit refresh on my browser some of the missing entities show and some others disappear, but never see all of them.

Any tips?

Apart from the usual “clear cache” and “try a different browser”, no. Is it a complex device? Maybe memory issues. Otherwise log an issue on Github, though don’t hold your breath for a solution, some there go back 2 or 3 years…

I’ve been curious about that warning about using the web server on ESP devices.

Is this the typical symptom when there’s a memory or CPU issue?
Is there a way to display memory or CPU utilization on an ESP device?

I haven’t run into any problems running the web server, but the most complex devices I’m currently using only have a handful of entities. I have no idea how far I can push the devices, or how I’d know when I’m reaching a limit.

@stevemann probably totally unhelpful … I have one little D1 Mini ESP8266; there are 24 sensors, one LED switch and one restart button. Rock solid. To be predictable; delete integration and reintegrate?? Change pins, change update interval, change power supply, fixed IP etc etc. I think you know better than me!

One of my devices is a 4-ch WiFi switch. The ESPHome Web page only shows three of the relays. Consistently. Which three is random.

The device that prompted my question has twelve entities and I never see all of them on the web page. And always at random.

Hmm. You might have something there.

Heap and Loop time give a good glue about the system load.

I make use of many devices with many switches and all do work like they should when I open the web page (almost never because there is HA)

Does your device do any spontaneous restarts? Or by any chance you use a very ancient esphome version on that device (the behavior you describe was a known bug in the past as far as I remeber)


I am one version from the latest. I made the mistake of updating all of my devices recently and spent two more days fixing all of the new problems introduced. (Two devices would not OTA and had to be manually flashed, some of the entities created new revs: _2, _3, etc, which broke some automations and Node-Red flows). But nothing ancient.