Esphome + wemos d1 mini clone (ESP8266MOD) : reset driving a relay board

I created a prototype to check my boiler fault, and then simulate the button press remotely.
In addition I also want to activate the heating remotely if the main thermostat is off (dry contact).
AC>TTL board (3 inputs, only 1 used) to check the AC220 on warning lamp.
Optoisolated 3.3v relay board as button to press the button (momentary, 1sec.).
Optoisolated 3.3v relay board as switch , pin as output, to close the boiler thermostat dry contact (parallel connection to main thermostat).

It works, partially. AC detection OK, Button press, OK.
Contact close it’s woking… but cause the wemos to reset, everytime. and this drive me crazy.
Reset Reason Exception.

Reset: Exception|Fatal exception:0 flag:2 (Exception) epc1:0x40253420 epc2:0x00000000 epc3:0x00000000 excvaddr:0x

wemos powered via usb, with 5v 2a power supply.
Each relay board drain 110mA when turning on relay, board seems ok.
I’m unable to find a valid explanation.