Esphome wifi node - Looking for a wired (USB interface) alternative

I’m using wemos d1 wifi nodes but am finding their drop out frequency (connection wise) a pain, mainly in automatons being re triggered.
Is there a wired version of the Wemos out there?
or is there a clever way of coding around the fact the wemos goes on and off line?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think you will find a wired d1, but there are wired versions of the esp32 available.

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Or you could fix your wifi network. I have 22 ESP boards scattered around the house and garden. None of them drop out.

What is your wifi hardware set up and how many clients does it have?

TP Link router.
Static ip stated in Wemos D1 EspHome config and same static assigned at router on its mac address.
Router has 10 connected clients.
All assigned static IPs via mac addresses.

Will probably go this route as the junction relay box is about 1m from the NUC computer with HA on. I’ll get researching :grinning:

I’ve had lots of issues with ESP8266 boards staying connected to my Archer C20. I’m using about 15 NodeMCU boards for my Christmas lights and at least 3 or 4 of them will drop off daily when connected to the TP-Link router. When I connect them to another test router (Nighthawk R7400), they stay connected with no drop offs.

IMHO, the TP-Link is the problem here, not the Wemos.

Could be a pricey experiment!

The closest to a wire “Wired ESP” is just a plain Arduino.

Eh, depends on your setup. You can get a Nighthawk for around $85-$150 US (depending on model) off Amazon or eBay.

Wired esp32 are not expensive:

That being said, I agree with the others that your network is almost certainly the issue. I recommend buying some of the unifi access points and being done with it.

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Moved automations to Node-Red and used filter nodes to select specific trigger states.
Drop offs not an issue now :+1:

Putting lipstick on a pig is not the best solution.

Some of us don’t mind pigs in lipstick

Found a resolve that didnt mean buying a new router… Pig is still rocking the lipstick!

Useful link here for those wanting to expand their ESPHome network’s reach.

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