ESPHome with AS3935 Franklin Lightning Sensor - try increasing the spike rejection value!

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I recommended using the HACS Blitzortung integration instead.

I will give that a try. I got my station all designed and put together and thought maybe I just missed something or was doing something wrong until I came across this post. I plan on keeping the sensor in place on the circuit board and maybe somewhere in the future someone will figure it out.


hoping to get the station put up on the tower today. It is going up on a 55ft armature radio tower that sits next to my house


I also have the topic with disturbers. Since the datasheet talks about tuning the antenna, I looked at the Sparkfun AS3935 library example 3 to figure out at which frequency my board is tuned. Originally I had – as you can see from the screenshot

around 550kHz (1/29,1µs * 16 (divider)) which is much too high given that the datasheet talks about 500kHz ±3.5%.

So I tried the maximum compensation value (120pF)

which results in 522kHz which is still outside the maximum of 517.5kHz. With a bit of soldering I could get it to 512kHz but unfortunately the problem persists.
I then changed the i2c bus frequency to 200kHz (no harmonics for 500kHz) which made it a bit better, meaning that I do not permanently get these “disturber detected” messages.

Long story short, the circuit was badly designed/tuned, but fixing it did not bring the expected result.