ESPHome with multiple SN74HC595 in a row

Hello there,

im trying to solve the case of multiple SN74HC595 (also trying with SN74HC165) ic-s to work in a row… Of course I tried to use the page of ESPHome and the guide there, but it still not working. In both cases, the problem is the GPIO multiplying, but as discribed in ESPHome is should be good like this. The sr-count was on the end too… but that wasn’t work.

I literally stuck here for a month now so if anybody has an idea or solution, i’ll try it. Thanks

You don’t duplicate the config.

Use one set of config and set sr_count to however many shift registers you have then daisy-chain them physically. Here’s a tutorial I found on the internet that may help with the electrical connections: How to daisy chain 74hc595n shift registers – Marginally Clever Robots

Basically connect the data, clock and latch from the ESP to all the shift registers. Then daisy-chain the /Q/H output of one chip to the SER input of the next chip.

Thank you, the phisycal part was already done like you sad, but the code was wrong. with the instruction of yours, the code is valid. in the evening (12-14h from now) i can test it so hopefully everything will be good. Thank you so much

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