ESPHOme with PI3B+

Are we seeing back ESPHome working on raspberry pi 3B+ update. as the same is freezing the Home Assistant since after 2021.5.3 update. and the same has not been taken care in any further update.

Or is that the ESPHome no longer supported on Home Assistant while running on raspberry pi 3B+ , 2GB module.


I have ESPHome on 3b+ with 2021.6 and have used with 2021.5.3 without any issues. ESPHome v1.18.0
I dont think there is a variant for 3b+ which has 2gb ram, v4 has different variants with different ram

The problem is that you need at least 500MB for EspHome

Ok… Thanks for reply.
I shifted to rpi4 4gb and is working ok now. So it seems its not supporting rpi3 2gb anymore

Stale topic maybe, but posting here incase others like me have been looking for this answer.

I’ve had some success with ESPHome on my RPI3B+ by increasing the swap file size.
I’ve not configured an ESP32 from scratch yet, but I have been able to successfully adopt a device and do a wireless configuration with the add-on installed in Homeassistant.

I think I’m not the first to do this, I did read a reference to someone else doing it, but I cannot find it now to link to them to give them credit. Anyway, I hope this helps someone.