ESPHome without internet access

Is internet access required for ESPHome devices?

I often block internet access to my IoT devices for security and control.

To do this I set the default gateway on the device to “”, and I use a local NTP service for the time sync.

Is it OK for ESPHome devices to be used in this manner? Is there anything else to consider when it comes to ESPHome devices?

I don’t think you need anything on the Internet with ESPHome unless you write something in to talk to the internet, it’s all managed on the local network.

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You do need to talk to HA though, over the network. I don’t think setting the default route to will allow that.

The “gateway” is used by network devices to access hosts external to the device’s subnet, i.e., on the internet.
Home networks typically have one subnet for everything, including computers, IoT devices, and servers like Home Assistant. So the lack of gateway configuration should not block the access to Home Assistant.

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Yeah I thought about it after I posted and think you are right. I don’t want to screw anything up by trying :slight_smile: