ESPHome won't connect with HA 2021.2

Since the upgrade of Home Assistant 2021.2.0 and now 2021.2.1 my ESPHome isn’t discovered by HA anymore. Downgrading tot 2021.1.5 fixes the problem immediately, however the new ZWave integration fixes a lot of other problems for me so downgrading is not really an option anymore.

I’ve upgraded to the latest Esphome 1.16 re-compiled for my device. That doesn’t help sadly and I don’t really see anymore options. The devices in online on Wifi and I’ve enabled the web server and I can open the webpage. The logging from ESPHome (after compiling) seems completely normal, except that no connection HA is reported. Anyone else struggling with this issue? And does maybe somebody have a solution?

All fine here. Are they showing as unavailable?
In esphome do they turn green?

Yes unavailable, I don’t run the ESPHome add-on, I guess you refer to there when you say ‘do they turn green’. Thankfully it is solved with the help of a dutch forum (where I didn’t expect reply, just tried to find more people who might be affected).

I deleted the device from: .storage/core.device_registry and rebooted. For others with this issue, be very careful when you do this and make sure your json is still valid after modifying, otherwise you might run into a lot of trouble. However it can be a fix…

The esphome add-on is very useful.

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Will try that next time, I compile on my own Linux desktop to save ram on my PI. But if it helps I will surely try next time.

I have 2 esp8266-nodemcu boards that ran great up to the core-2021.2.1 update.
now I have the temp sensor on one, and HA sees it just great. On the other I have a temp sensor, 2 reed switchs, and it has 2 pins set up as outputs.
They both connect and turn green in HA’s ESPHOME, I can make changes to both in ESPHOME, and I get the temperature readings from both, but only the one with the (justthe) temp sensor shows as available in Home Assistant.
I’m at a loss…please help
ps. reverting back to a prev version of the core (core-2021.1.4) makes it work again. upgrading the core re-breaks it.