Esphome ws2812b sunrise Animation

Hi everyone,

I’ve built a 2 meter high led bar, and it would be awesome to have an sunrise animation.
Is there any link vor an example, found couple one for the hue bulbs but I want to use my esphome with the fastled and ws2812b.
Basically have a set time an the leds turn on and fade from dark blue over orange to yellow.

Regards Tim

Did you try out the WLED integration, it has a sunrise effect that is customisable…

But Wled isn’t esphome compatible ?
I need esphome because there are couple of Sensors connected to the d1 also

Yeah :confused: if you need to combine that is indeed not an option…

sorry to reply in an old thread , but did you manage to make a sunrise effect on ESPHome is trying to do the same but for an aquarium