ESPHome32 OTA update

I confess that I am totally clueless as to how to do an OTA update of my ESPHome firmware. Can anyone list the exact procedure? I would just plug it back in and reflash, but I just set them up 2 weeks ago and am only on version 2023.3.2. How do I know which version I’m installing? After HA Core update to 2023.5.0 I need to update my Bluetooth proxies. Thanks.

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The version of the add-on as listed in your add-ons section of the HA settings will tell you what versino you have installed, and thus which version will be sent to your ESP devices.

I get that. What I’m looking for is the procedure to push the current firmware OTA. Where do I go, how do I initiate?

Sorry, not sure how that happened. I simply started a new topic in the forum as I frequently do. How would it have ended up under feature requests?

Click the OPEN WEB UI link on that page.

You were probably in the feature requests category when you created the new post.

Open the web ui from the sidebar or link pointed out and click “update all” and select “wirelessly”.

Job done.

Thanks. I didn’t even have the add-on installed as that step wasn’t listed in the setup I followed.

You don’t actually need the add-on. Use the “run” command to compile and install the firmware OTA:

The command will be something like:
esphome run mydevice.yaml --device

Obviously using your device’s YAML file name and IP address.

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If you are running the HAOS add-on for ESPhome then the updates should be in your HA settings → updates menu.

Or when you open the add-on UI it will show all your devices and that an update is available.

Then you simply click ‘update’. The add-on will send the currently installed add-on version to the device.

Is there an entity and service for these updates? I’d like to automatically send updates to these devices because the ESP updates are obnoxiously frequent and I have enough ESP devices that it takes a while. I just don’t want to know these are happening anymore until there’s an issue.

Yes there is. If you look at the device page for each of your ESPHome devices you will see a Firmware entity in the Configuration card. Disable this entity and you will no longer be pestered about updates.

Then just update the devices when there is a feature you need or security update you should install.

I am having trouble getting this to work, and the only error it gives me is “Command failed”. I verified that my IP and yaml file name are correct. I am wondering if maybe it just doesn’t know where the yaml file lives? Is there some way to specify that?

Right. I usually run the command from the directory containing the yaml files, so I don’t have to specify a path to them each time. But I think you could spell out the full or relative path to the file.

Thanks @CaptTom. I was assuming you were using the Command Line - Home Assistant integration, but it sounds more like you are just running directly. I am trying to get HA to update my ESPHome devices automatically, but I am using Container and therefore cannot update them natively in HA.

Correct again. I run ESPHome command-line on my laptop, which has the horsepower to burn through the compiles much more quickly without impacting HA. I still have the ESPHome add-on installed but only rarely use it.