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I am using Esphomelib with a variety of scope in my current setup and I can only thanks Otto for the great job creating something extremely easy and fast to setup even for someone who has limited HW/SW skills and not much time available to dedicate.

Currently I am looking to build a NodeMCU ESP32 based project with 7 light sensor: aim is to stick these sensors to an external water pump controller to report pump/alarm status (i.e. there are 7 big lights on the controller I would like to know when they are on or off).

Esphomelib integrates support for TCS34725 which is an RGB light sensor (a bit of overkill for my setup) but cheap enough.
I was wondering if I could (and how) wire 7 of them to a single NodeMCU ESP32 board or should I think to something simpler like a photoresistor?
in the latter case it is not clear to me how to setup, with esphomelib, the acquisition of a photoresistor (while I found different tutorial about how to wire it)

Can anyone provide some advice?


Solved the wifi issue specifying Arduino version

arduino_version: 2.4.0

Hope that @OttoWinter can answer on the second question



So I have the Olimex POE board working and can update OTA but the board is using the WiFi interface rather than the now available wired interface. How might I switch it to wired ? I’d hoped I might be able to not add the wifi part in the YAML.

I found this info on the Olimex Forum
and the next post just seems to add a couple of #defines which looks fairly simple but I don’t know quite where I can put this in Esphomelib and indeed to make it switchable between WiFi and wired , perhaps by a network/wifi section in the YAML ?

To get the Arduino library working, just add these #defines before your #include <eth.h>:

#define ETH_PHY_POWER 12


It’s in the wiki