Esphomelib - A comprehensive solution for using ESPs with Home Assistant


Thank’s, I’m gonna try my luck at discord. I’m not any good with coding, I’m only good with copying the code :grin:.
I hope someown is gonna figure it out sooner or later :wink:


That’s funny I came to this thread looking for an example of a fire/candle effect for FastLED as well… will have to see if I can find some code that can be adapted. Thanks for the examples @lmamakos

I didn’t see this posted yet but I have been printing these amazing modular cases for my esphomeyaml devices:

The creator was nice enough to include the source file so it is easy to adapt to other sensors. I am working on a new base to fit a Wemos D1 Mini.


I have the same issue: any idea how to solve this?


I don’t know why it initially happens but to solve it you need to go to your integrations section and delete one copy of the integrated entities for ESPHome you’ll find there. Then restart. They should all come back up OK after that with no more errors.


confirmed this solved the issue


Cool case. Thanks for that.