ESPN sensor

An espn sensor that utilizes the API for specific team scores, game start, game end, etc.

It appears they have shut down their public API.

Some of what you’re looking for can be accomplished through GoalFeed, but it only supports NHL + MLB.

I want this too!!
are there other sports networks that provide an API? Maybe Fox Sports?

Maybe this?


I would appreciate this feature too!

Me too! I would be interested in some type of score tracking for NCAA football and NFL.

I have been searching all over for a sports score integration for home assistant and am surprised something doesn’t already exist for anything except NHL and MLB. I have found the most obscure integrations with HA but live sports scores have not been one. I assume there must be some sort of limitation. I tried to figure out if the MMM-Sports Scores module for my MagicMirror (which works amazingly well) could work but that hasn’t been a very fruitful endeavor.

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So far the best thing I’ve found is the IFTTT integration but it has a pretty bad delay