ESPresence; best device to use?

Hey guys,

I tired using my iPhone with the room assistant app, but its super unreliable.

So I’m looking for a tile type device that I can maybe put in a wrist band or maybe round my ankle lol. to track me with all the ESPs I just brought lol.

What are people using?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Is my question stupid?
Does no one use this forum anymore?
Does no one use ESPresence?

I don’t have any specific products to recommend but maybe look into Bluetooth beacons?

I brought a tile after seeing it was supported. But it seems to keep changing its name :frowning:

So far both iPhones (using the room assistant app) and tiles are not reliable

So far I’ve tried the following and here are my issues so I’m still looking for something that works well…

  1. Tile - It constantly jumps from room to room but on average it will stay in the room you are in for the majority of the time, but the jumping from room to room does not work well with my automations.
  2. Blue Charm beacons BC011 - This works the best but it CRUSHES batteries. I tried to turn it down its power to lowest level using the charm app, but at the lower levels the beacon doesn’t register on my ESPresense sensors and having to change the batteries once a month is super wasteful.
  3. Amazon Halo - WORKS great BUT if someone else in your house has a Halo, all first GEN halos have the SAME BLE ID, sooooo yeaaah…
  4. Fitbit - Works great for me as well BUT guess what, the Fitbit Sense and the fitbit versa 2 ALSO have the same BLE ID sooooooooooo yeeeeeaaaahhhh… again…
  5. Amazon echo buds - is spot on, super accurate, doesn’t jump rooms but I don’t wear them all day long so that doesn’t work so well if I don’t have a bud in my ear.

I’ve been searching forms for this exact same thing and I’ve had no luck as well. Hopefully this will help you.