ESPresence + MQTT Room Presence Accuracy Settings?

I’ve got ESPresence + MQTT Room Presence up and running, and I’ve got 3 nodes spread throughout my house, in different rooms (easily 8-10 meters apart, separated by walls or on different floors).

Therefore, it should be no problem for the system to determine which node a given beacon is closes to. But it struggles to do that.

In this screenshot, while I was asleep, my Apple Watch (and phone, too) bounced between my bedroom sensor and my kitchen sensor.

For reference, the bedroom sensor was only ~3m away, and in the same room. The kitchen sensor was probably a good ~10m away, and on a different floor of the house.

How can I configure my ESPresence or MQTT rooms to be more “sticky” - if the signal strength is too low, it shouldn’t bounce to the other node intermittently.