Espresense and ESP Home

Is it possible to have an ESP home device running a LD2410 for mmwave and use the same ESP 32 for ESP presence as well?

What do you mean esp presence (as opposed to espresense ie this project

Yes espresense project

No, esphome and espresense are different projects. However you can an ld2410 to an espresense device, according to the docs. See Sensors | ESPresense

You do know Esphome and Espresence have a website with Documentation with all sorts of information that teaches you how to use each one and has examples, right? Even better than that, they each have a Search box and a table of contents with each individual category such as “Sensors” so its easy for everyone to go there and look up information or find answers to their questions.

The problem with using an ld2410 and Espresence is you will loose all those sensor entity’s and the ability to calibrate it from HA. It’s. Going to operate just like a plain PIR sensor. Youll get one sensor in HA and it will be either “Detected” or “Clear”

It doesnt make much sense to use a 20$ sensor and limiting it to the same thing a 1.50$ sensor does.

If you absolutely need a motion sensor with that esp board, just get a regular PIR and then save your ld2410 for somewhere you get the full benefit of it.

Right on the espresence Home page is a link for “Sensors” and right at the top of the sensor page they have listed ld2410.