Espresense and iphone


My first post…About a year ago I made the move from Openhab to Homeassistant and the switch has been very positive, but I have a question that I cannot seem to figure out, so I am asking for some guidance.

I ran across Espresense and would like to use my iphone with it. I tried to follow the instructions but I just cannot seem to the instructions make heads or tails of anything. ( I feel the instructions are a little lacking but that maybe on me). According to Espresense ios setup if I have mqtt setup for auto discovery it should automatically setup but it doesn’t . I can also see my irk key in mqtt-explorer as per the instructions. But now I’m lost and really confused.

I guess what I am really asking is for someone who has it working please post their steps that got it working maybe an example of there config file (of course block out important details).

Any assistantance would be appreciated.