esPresense - Can only get one device to track

I’m on day three of this torture. I hate asking for help, but I need it for sanity purposes. I’m trying to track presence of two devices, DEV1 and DEV2 - but only DEV1 reports presence correcting to HA

  1. I set up MQTT / MQTT Broker :ballot_box_with_check:

  2. Installed esPresense on 2 boards and auto discovered in MQTT :ballot_box_with_check:

    2a) I enabled Home Companion sensor to send BLE Beacons on both phones. I’ve also verified that the beacon ID reported by HA matches what I see in MQTT Explorer.

  3. I Monitored MQTT broker via MQTT Explorer and see both of the devices I’m attempting to pick up.



  1. I’ve added both sensor’s to my configuration.yaml

  2. I’ve rebooted, restarted, changed the order of the sensors, added / removed sensors, ad nauseum. But no matter what I do, only “Samsung for Doug” operates correctly (tracks presence).

  3. Both devices show up as entities, so I know the YAML is getting processed to some extent. “Diny Phone track” always reports as “not_home”. Both are samsung phones.

Take pity on me! I need sleep buy my neuro-divergent mind won’t allow me to rest until this is resolved or understood.

##update - Resolved
For anyone who many have come across this same issue. Here’s the deal, the home assistant companion assigns the ID, and from the HAC the last two segments of the ID are separated with underscores (_). However it transmits, or the MQTT broker translates the underscores to hyphens (-). Make sure you cut and past from your MQTT broker, not from the HAC app.