ESPresense inconsistent tracking ESP32

I have two ESP32 devices with ESPresense installed on them. They’re in different rooms maybe 50ft a part. My beacon is a Tile Tracker which is placed a less than 1ft from one ESP32 device. I have also integrated this into home-assistant so I can see the “tile tracker” history.
My issue is that the room detection keeps toggling between the two ESP32 devices despite being very close to one and not moving. 85% of the time it reports it’s in the room that it’s 1ft away from. 15% of the time it reports in the other room despite being almost 50ft away.

Any suggestions or things I can change in the settings?

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Have you tried ESP-Home with BLE tracker?
You can get the RSSI value and that can probably be templates to give you a better result.
If ESP 1 reports high value and ESP 2 reports low value then it’s in room 1 etc.

I will look into this. Thanks!

I think this will suit my needs well. Doesn’t answer the question for anyone who finds this thread in the future but I can make this work.