Espurna config giving RGB errors

Don’t tell me off for cross posting, just thought it was something which was related to HA but also maybe fixed over in the firmware of espurna :wink:

I just opened a bug report over on the github page for espurna, see:

The HA config for this config is actually suggested in the web page for the bulb, like this:

- platform: mqtt
      name: "LEDBULB02"
      state_topic: LEDBULB02/relay/0
      command_topic: LEDBULB02/relay/0/set
      payload_on: 1
      payload_off: 0
      availability_topic: LEDBULB02/status
      payload_available: 1
      payload_not_available: 0
      brightness_state_topic: LEDBULB02/brightness
      brightness_command_topic: LEDBULB02/brightness/set
      rgb_state_topic: LEDBULB02/rgb
      rgb_command_topic: LEDBULB02/rgb/set
      color_temp_command_topic: LEDBULB02/mired/set
      white_value_state_topic: LEDBULB02/channel/3
      white_value_command_topic: LEDBULB02/channel/3/set

The error i get in the HA log file implies some issues possibly parsing the “LEDBULB02/rgb” value which inside MQTT is getting set to “#FF7F00

So i guess the line we need to fix is:

rgb_state_topic: LEDBULB02/rgb

So what should it be ?


Oops! I went though all the espruna config again and found a setting!

Under the “Lights” menu on espurna there is a “Use CSS style” option and changing it from “Yes” to “No” means that Red will be reported as “#FF0000” if ON, otherwise “255,0,0”.

Fixed :slight_smile: