espXX power connection types

Hi All,

Sorry if this is a silly question but I was wandering what people were using for power supply connections to esp8266 (and esp32) boards.

The reason I was interested is that Im starting to get a fair sum of these devices and on the whole the power comes from the wall (mains) with a plug in USB power supply out through a 1 meter (shorter if possible) usb/usbmini cable to the device in a 3d printed case.

Was wandering if anyone does anything different or more aesthetically pleasing like a usb power adapter with a direct usbmini male out.


I have so my usb chargers, few sumsung and HTC ones that are rather old and 0.5 amps, so can’t really charge modern stuff, Saves Ewaste.

If it’s running a some LEDs then I normally just jump a cable off the lights and use the same source.

Yes that is a rubber band holding it together.

On a more serious note there are these for NZ and AU

For a power supply, look at the meanwell IRM devices. These are small mains (240/110vac) to low voltage (3.3 to 12v, maybe higher). They are apparently fused, short circuit protected etc (although check it out yourself). An example of a project that uses them is

Mains is dangerous. There is a long thread on power supply design here

3d printing offers a lot of choice too. Thingiverse is a good place to find stuff, or to get lost for a week!

Hi, I’m using the IRM-03-5 for my in wall thermostats for about 2 years now and my house didn’t burn down :+1:.
They aren’t the cheapest/smallest solution out there but I consider them to be worth the price.

If you look at the image nick posted what I would love to find is the usb plug into the wall but not a USB slot coming out for a cable but a 90 degree usbmini male connector. Then you could put the esp8266 directly on it and build it all into a 3d printed case.

No cable and nice and tidy (like the air freshner things that were burning houses down some time back :slight_smile:

like this?

@makai spot on ! do you have a www site or what is the search term Ive been searching for this but cant seem to locate anything like it…

Search Aliexpress for micro usb right angle

thats on the money :slight_smile:

90 degree usb male to micro usb male

But can’t find it in stock :frowning:

Where? Link please :slight_smile:

It is out of stock and there’s this:

This part has been discontinued

Too bad