EST-100 - Smart water heater thermostat

Has anyone ever tried one of these?

I am looking for a solution to know the water temperature in the heater without tampering with it.

Thanks for any response.


That looks really good. Do you have one? Cant figure out where to buy it?

Sent them an email with some questions. I’ll update once they reply.

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Did you ever manage to get hold of one of these? They look interesting.

Yes. This is what I got from them:

Unfortunately, our current smart thermostat solution can only be installed during the water heater manufacturing process. This is why our customers can be only water heater manufacturers and companies dealing with water heaters manufacturers.

They mentioned that in the future they might consider selling to the private market. Ill send them a poke again and update on their reply

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That’s a shame, they’d probably do well selling it as an aftermarket product - there are a lot of posts from people trying to work out how to control water heaters in a smart way.