Estimated power using pid climate component

I would like to provide an estimated power metrics from a ESPHome based device using the pid climate and the output component. To this I have also added a template power sensor but I can’t figure out how to have the estimate_power sensor entity updated by either the pid or the output component. Any idea how to do this?
I guess one way is to have the pid component talk to the output component via a template output component but isn’t that to go over the river just to get some water

The formula provding the value of the estimated power consumption will in my case be pwm_vale * 800 since I have 800W radiator

  - platform: pid
    id: pid_climate
    name: "PID Climate Controller"
    sensor: temperature_sensor
    default_target_temperature: 19°C
    heat_output: my_slow_pwm
        current_temperature: 0.01
        target_temperature: 0.1
      kp: 0.90653
      ki: 0.00064
      kd: 318.81638
      derivative_averaging_samples: 60
      output_averaging_samples: 1
      starting_integral_term: 0.60

  - platform: slow_pwm
    pin: GPIO1
    id: my_slow_pwm
    period: 1s
    inverted: True
    restart_cycle_on_state_change: False

  - platform: template
    name: Power estimate
    id: power_estimate
    unit_of_measurement: "W"
    device_class: power
    state_class: measurement