Estimote Beacons - Leverage extra info

Hey guys,

I use beacons due to having more than I needed for work. They have quite a bit of information that can be fed - I currently just use it as an OwlTrack’s Beacon Region. Does anyone have familiar with how I could leverage, perhaps, the temperature? I would love to also get the presence but I’m torn on how to go about doing it.

Also, the tutorial says the name the beacons in OwnTracks prepended with a -. Is that the ‘name’ or the file?

In order words:
this is masterbedroom.yaml -

name: 'Master Bedroom'
latitude: 38.7996
longitude: -77.116270
radius: 3
icon: mdi:office

Would it want -masterbedroom or -Master Bedroom, or maybe even -Master_Bedroom . I prefer the middle one, but unsure if it effects anything