ET-AL01 - 5 channel Analog LED controller


I want to share our 5 Channel Analog LED controller for use with ESPHOME and Home Assistant with you guys :slight_smile:

Please also check out our blog article about the ET-AL01 on our website:


Soldering guide:

Our favorite tools and equipment:


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I´ve ordered 10 boards. PCBWay quoted 10 at the same price of 5. I’m building a new house, it seems i’ll install more LEDs than anticipated :wink:
As soon as all components arrive, I will asemble them and write my review…

Great! If you use the voltage regulator, place it closest to the terminal blocks as you need to bend to it to the right a little in order to fit in the enclosure.

Love to see photos of the finished product :slight_smile:

I will use the regulator, but I want to create a custom 3D printed box.

Will post photos once built.

Mind the “screw holes” are bigger in order to fit over the pilars of the enclore we used. We did not want to use screws, but rather lock the pcb within the closed enclosure.

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Thanks for the info, I’m planing to hold the board that way.

Since I’ll have PCBs in excess, I’m wondering if this driver could be suitable to replace the “dumb” drivers on a couple of LED lamps I have. The issue is that those lamps need a Constant Current driver and, as far as I understand, yours is a Constant Voltage driver, isn’t it?

It’s PWM dimming, so this does not apply. PWM dimming is a sort of Constant Voltage, it just switches on/off really fast :wink: