Etekcity and/or Vesync integrations

Previously had HA going 12 months ago tried to get it going again and I noticed that Vesync is now an integration.

The problem is I cannot get it to work and I have no idea how to actually confirm it’s working or not. Previously detected (but not able to be toggled) switches and outlets are now not discovered at all.

I’ve tried both the integrations and the YAML method … other than confirming that my username and password work, I got nothing else working.

I tried the custom_components but the directions are clearly above my pay-grade and I could not for the life of me understand exactly what file I had to copy where and what (if any) modifications I have to make to the Python scripts to get it to work in HA.

Any help or direction, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Is the seemingly ‘newest’ python script that I cannot understand how to get it to work or even if it is able to work with HA.

Alternatively, how do I call the ‘service’ to update_devices as suggested in the Vesync integration page … I cannot find it in the developer tab under services. It doesn’t exist for me there …