Etekcity Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch (ESWD16)

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I am wondering if anyone has had any success in flashing Tasmota on the Etekcity Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch (ESWD16)? It appears to have an ESP-01F chip and accessible, labeled, pins for flashing.

My major concern is that I get it flashed but can’t get it to work right because the only template I’ve found is for the ESWL01. If anyone has any experience with this product or suggestions on getting it working I would appreciate it. Thanks.

This dimmer is not Tuya-Convertible. I was able to flash with serial connection.
I have identified basic pins. Here are the things I was able to find so far:

  1. The led ring can be control and brightness controlled
  2. The main relay (on/off)
  3. The dimmer (can only be turned on and off)
    This is the template:


Here are the things to do:

  1. Figure out how to control dim level on main relay
  2. Find out how to control brightness level leds
  3. Find out how to map each button individually. Currently dimmer up and power buttons react to same GPIO and dimmer low button has no mapping.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I shipped the unit back months ago. Hopefully this will help someone else though.