Ethernet and WIFI AP acces Local Network on ESPHOME (WT32-ETH01)


I received this card (WT32-ETH01) and I want to make a mini WIFI access point with access to the local network, is this possible?

The basic configuration is OK, my card works fine in ethernet.

I would like to do this

Local Network → WT32-ETH01 (Ethernet) → Wifi AP (WT32-ETH01) → ESP01 Wifi (Access to the Local network)

In addition, it is not possible to use the wifi component at the same time but in any case it will not work like this because the connection would give access to the Web Server of the WT32-ETH01 card and not to the local network.

Thank you

hello, this is not valid for WT32-ETH01 :wink:

Have you been able to solve the problem as I’m interested in the solution. THNX