Ethernet zigbee coordinator for zha and zigbee2mqtt

I’m looking for zigbee coordinator that is accessible using ehternet and would work with both zha and zigbee@mqtt (not at the same time, but want to have option to switch).

I’m currently running zigbee devices trough tuya wifi gateway and then tuya cloud, but it is kinda slow, especially since some of the switches wait for double click etc. it takes half a second. I know I’m using cheap devices like pir for 8usd etc. But from what i have seen it does not get better with more expensive or with z-wave devices. I think wifi + esphome + disable double click would be an option, but i don’t want to go that route, first i want to try if just different zigbee would be better.

I do need lan solution because i run HA on remote server (yes, obviously not the fastest way to get zigbee working and it is interent dependant, but still about 10ms to the server is acceptable).

What i have found readily locally available are

is there any reason to buy the ZigStar LAN Gateway or ZiGate-Ethernet? Or even something else?

I know there are some other for rPi, like dconz, but i don’t have good exeperience with running rPi things.

I have ordered HA yellow, so if it ever arrives I can switch to local zigbee.

Currently I have about 50 zigbee devices, I guess 100 would be most.

There are network connected coordinators designed to work with ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT. Those are going to be much simpler to get working than battling with some device that needs custom firmware flashed to it.

Unfortunately they are out of stock. Do you know of any other seller?

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If I would use tuya RTL8196E based gateway, would it be possible to have same zigbee devices sent to Tuya and ZHA?

I know HA people are against this cloud things, but i kinda like tuya and having it as secondary would be nice.

I am using Ethernet + PoE coordinator from TubesZB
very stable


Sorry, No.

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You can have a look at
I have POE ,LAN,USB Coordinators.

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Just in case, for those who are looking for Zigbee Ethernet PoE supported + USB adapter - this one can suit you - SMLIGHT SLZB-06. Product details at the product page


Just for an alternative here’s the one I build: Zigbee CC2652P2 TCP Ethernet Coordinator | ZigBee | Automation | cod.m Shop
We are currently working on a new version which will include PoE.

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