eTiger motion sensor with rfxcom


I’ve bought a cheap rf433 motion detector from a copany called etiger. I’m sure it’s some chinesium re-brand.
When I trigger the sensor I receive a bunch of signals, is this normal or do I need to active a setting in the rfxcom ?

Here’s what it looks like : 1

What’s the correct way to handle these?


it looks like you may be getting multiple entity_id’s for the device, so just hide the ones you don’t want to see in the customize section?

It’s a PT 2262 device so it’s a bit different. I needed to add a binary sensor and specify the address bits.

Which device did you use to make the server (on a pi?) receive 433Mhz data?
Were you using the RFXtrx433E USB HA controller
Can you share your final yaml for having the readings?

I the end I just threw them all out and got a Conbee stick + ikea motion detectors.

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Welcome to the conbee world :+1:

Thx :slight_smile: Also thx for the deconz module, it works pretty well!

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