EU Smart plug that supports Matter (Thread)

Can anyone recommend a smart plug that supports Matter (Thread)?
Preferrably without the use of a company-specific hub (I would like to connect using Home Assistant’s Skyconnect).


Anyone a suggestion?

Hi Dries,

I know you were hoping for Matter, but, if you’ve used MQTT I sell Tasmota-based plugs (and more) here: Tasmota Smart Plug | Power Monitoring | Local Bytes

Hope this helps.
Any questions, let me know!


Thank you for trying to help me, but these plugs are WiFi-based. I’m looking for Matter/Thread based smart plugs.

Ok, I have found one:

The Eve Energy Smart Plug seems to be available in the EU and works with Thread. Only the price is quite steep: 40 euros for a single plug.

That’s steep indeed. But guess that what needs to be paid to be an early adopter :man_shrugging:

For the same (actually little less) money I bought a pack of 4 (four :warning:) smart plugs with energy meter functions and additional (switchable) usb outputs (2.4A :zap:) based on esp’s. Obviously first thing was to supercharge them with esphome and now I should be good for the next 10(?) or more years on doing easy OTA updates and having the best possible integration with home assistant (aka local push). For me that’s the gold standard :trophy:.


Which ones have you bought? Are they esp32 based?

Some Gosund branded tuya white label stuff:

No, just esp8266 inside - but nowadays not anymore :point_down:

Attention : As it turns out Tuya no longer builds them with esp chips.

Onvis has now Thread Matter plugs available on