Eufy Alarm - detect when 'Alarm Delayed'

Hi all,
I’ve got Eufy Alarm and Home Assistant working together quite well thanks to @anon63427907 and @bropat.
Now I’m looking to tweak things to make them incrementally better.

SCENARIO: When I walk in to the entry with the alarm set, it starts a countdown - giving me time to enter the code. However, because the base station is in a different part of the house, the countdown is not audible. The keypad itself doesn’t seem to beep like it does when you are exiting. This is challenging for certain members of the family who ‘forget’ to disarm the alarm.

What I want to do is trigger a message to a nearby Google Nest to say something like “please enter the code”.

When I experiment with the Home Assistant history, I can see that when it is counting down, it enters a state of “Alarm delayed” - but unfortunately this is not an option in the tigger/device options in automations. Does anyone know how to reference this event - or an alternative way to achieve what I want?

So, I had a think. I could just trigger this message if the entrance motion detector sees motion when the alarm is set. It’s amazing what clarity you get from a step back.