Eufy camera stream - mse: wrong response on DESCRIBE

Hi team,

I have a Home Assistant Yellow and was able to configure / setup everything well so far.
I was able to successfully add Eufy devices to Home assistant, however, I’m unable to get my camera streams working. I went through all possible posts on the forum and tried a few things, but nothing seems to work. I keep getting the error “mse: wrong response on DESCRIBE” through WebRTC (and go2rtc). No idea what this error means and how to fix it. I saw a similar post on this topic, but they were able to get rid of the error by restarting their cameras. That didn’t work for me. Any clues?



Hi, were you able to fix this? I have the same issue with all my Eufy Cameras.

Check in HACS if you have installed WebRTC Camera, if so, you need to uninstall and then install the Add-on RTSP Simple Server.

Check my reply…

Do you have a step by step I can follow to see the live feed of my cameras?

Try follow this one if you have problems, let me know.

Gracias Alejandro.

I got to step 7 but not sure where I need to add that IP and what IP are they talking about.

7- If you have installed RTSP Simple Server Add-On, please put its IP Address and Port into Integration Configuration page.

Con gusto.

Just ignore this step, if you installed the RTSP Simple Server previously, just let the configuration suggested