Eufy HomeBase2 integration

Hi, I have an Eufy HomeBase2 (2B8D), with an Eufy Doorbell.
Now HA tells me that there is a new integration found: Eufy HomeBase2-2B8D. But if I push the ‘Configure’ button in HA, by Homebase tells me that there is another device connecten, and I need to reset my eufy homebase.

And HA gives the warning: The accessory is already paired to another device. please reset the accessory and try again.

I’m not sure what to do. Anyone had the same issue? And maybe a solution how to integrate the Eufy HomeBase with HA?

Give this a try:

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I’m getting the exact same error and couldn’t get this working. I haven’t tried fuatakgun customer solution yet as this not a priority system for me right now

Same here… Hope that somebody knows a solution.