Eufy - I'm lost, sorry Newby non coder question

Sorry I’ve hit the limit of my understanding with my research. I have a fairly basic smart home set up, part of this is a Eufy camera set up with just a doorbell and a single external camera plus the Homebase 2.
I’d like the camera feed to show up on my HA dashboard as well as trigger routines from motions detection on the camera (which i can do via Alexa i guess). My main goal is to changing the “security” level via a ZigBee scene switch / dashboard.
Having look on the HA site it seems to say an integration does exist however i can’t find it to add via “add integration”.

Could someone point me in the right direction? Sorry this very well maybe a very basic question, but i’m at the limit of my understanding (i’m a mechanical engineer so if i can’t hit it with a hammer i’m stuck)
Thank you.