Eufy Integration - Change mode with HA

I current set up the Eufy Security Integration with Eufy Security Integration.
The Eufy app can not change from away to geofencing via timetable. So I try this with this Integration. I setup all like in the manual and see all my cams. But I didn’t see any entity so change the mode to gefencing. Have anybody setup this and give me some hints?
Or has somebody a idea to automate eufy cams with ha, so change the mode?

Hi. Did you ever resolve this? I’m looking to do the same thing but am struggling with the same thing. Thanks.

Yes I solved this. You can use the service (“eufy_security.geofence” → Geofence) in the automation to switch between the modes.
And go back to away is “alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_away”

Would you mind to share your code?
I also would like to automate my Eufy cam to change the mode from Geofence to time schedule. Really bad that this is not possible in the Eufy app.