Eufy security and RTSP simple server help

HI All, really struggling to setup Eufy Security. For some reason it doesn’t let me start RTSP Simple Server Add on. When i go to add the integration eufy security it asks for a host IP and port. Nothing works no matter what i put in. I suspect it is because i can’t start the RTSP simple server (not sure). Any help would be appreciated.

You shouldn’t need the RTSP simple server add-on, since I’m using it without it even. What’s your installation type and what IP address are you using? It should be the IP of your HA server, not of the camera.

Also, have you read the documentation?

Otherwise, you might find more information on the main Eufy Security Thread:

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Hi. After installing the Eufy Security add-on and entering username and password, restarting, the log says:

2023-01-28 13:38:19.841  INFO  Authentication properties changed, invalidate saved cloud token. 
2023-01-28 13:38:29.784  INFO  Eufy Security server listening on host, port 3000 
2023-01-28 13:38:30.049  ERROR Response data is missing 
  code: 0,
  msg: 'Succeed.',
  data: undefined

Clearly this doesn’t match the Github docs… suggestions on where to go for troubleshooting?


Make sure you create a second Eufy account and DO NOT use 2 factor authentication. Once that account works from your phone or other device, use those credentials in the addon.

Hi did you solved the host/ip issue?