Eufy Security Cams - want to trigger off person detection

I have Eufy Solo Indoor Cam P24, and Outdoor Eufy EufyCam Pro 2, with one base station. I would like to trigger my outside lights to go on when the Eufy cam detects a person. How can I integrate the Eufy system and do this? Thanks.

The eufy camera add-on can do this. Are you using a version of home assistant with Supervisor installed?

I am new to Home Assistant and I don’t know what Supervisor is

It looks like they’ve now renamed Supervisor to Add-ons. There are multiple ways to install HA, and not all of them include Supervisor/Add-ons. Check by seeing if you have “Settings > Add-ons”. Having said that, when looking for the right Add-on, I realised the Eufy capability is actually a community integration, which is added through HACS.

Given you’re new to HA, I would recommend spending time getting familiar with other aspects like Integrations, Dashboards, Add-ons first. Installing and using HACS integrations is more complicated. Once you’re comfortable with everything else, the link I provided above gives the instructions for installing the eufy camera HACS integration.