Eufy Security Integration - problem with motion/person detection sensors

using the awesome Eufy Security add-on but coming across a problem where it will only set the binary motion sensor but not the person detected motion sensor.

The cameras are configured for all types of motion and on my phone I get a push notification from the app that distingishes between the two types of detection but home assistant only seems to register the motion detection.

If I reconfigure the camera to only do person detection then the person detection sensor works.
I am guessing there is only 1 push notification sent but since the phone can register the different types of motion there must be flags in there that are not picked up. It’s possible this is low level in the eufy-ws wrapper?

I get three motion sensors for each camera - global motion sensor; motion sensor; and person detector sensor. From what I can tell, person fires during the day, and motion sensor fires at night when person detection is not possible. And global fires whenever either of the other two do.

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Not working on T8422 Floodlight camera

Also having this issue where I can’t use these sensors as triggers to create an automation. They just never fire, even though my phone is pinging me alerts left and right that someone is in camera view. @anon63427907 can you assist?

Please go to integration configuration page and enable binary sensor fix

Yes, I changed that, and it fired today! I’m still not positive I’m calling the right sensor (using Global Motion Sensor) but I heard the announcement that someone was at the door!

That said, my doorbell lost wireless connection today and now my doorbell cards aren’t showing on my active views. When I go to edit them, I can see them there, but they don’t show once I click “done”.

Also not working on the T8111

What do you mean by this? I didn’t find any option related to binary sensor fix.

This is one year old post, nothing valid anymore

Is there any way to actually use Eufy cameras as motion sensor and stream them? I see lots of options, but nothing seems to actually work for me.