Eufy Security Integration - reliable way for HA to detect when alarm has been triggered

Hi all. I have successfully installed the Eufy security integration and to a large extent it is working well. However, one of my use cases is to trigger an automation when the Eufy alarm is triggered.
The trouble is that Eufy moves into a ‘triggered’ state for 1 second when arming, disarming and triggering.
When arming the alarm, my automation waits for 65 seconds before starting to listen for the triggered state. But I have no idea how to differentiate between a disarm event and a triggered event when both events cause Eufy to drop into ‘triggered’ state for 1 second.
I’m relatively new to HA so that may be part of my problem - but hoping someone who has done this before can help

Please create a GitHub issue, i will fix this

Just realised that someone else has already created an issue - #581.

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We just need to wait for a fix for all ongoing major issues before i can fix this

My local setup is not working but i had just released a new version, please give it a try.

I tried it but no luck - posted the results in GitHub.
For anyone else out there, have you successfully implemented a workaround?

I’ve been trying this a bit more - instead of looking for the state of an entity, I am looking for when a state changes from something specific to something else specific - then triggering my automations.

But I’ve just noticed that:

  1. Everytime you arm the alarm - however you do that, it always transitions through ‘triggered’ at the end of the exit delay coundown
  2. When disarming the alarm, it only transitions through ‘triggered’ if you are at the keypad and have caused the disarm delay to start (makes sense). But if you disarm via the Eufy app, there is no ‘triggered’ transition - I guess because you haven’t triggered it.

I’m going to utilise the state change from/to trigger to the appropriate automation and see if that helps.

This should be fixed under alpha release, which will be merged into mainline after new year

Hi, can anyone tell me if it’s possible to connect the Eufy keypad directly to HA or do you need the Eufy base station? Thanks

I don’t think so. The base station is needed to coordinate the motion sensors, contact sensors and keypad as far as I know.

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hey @anon63427907 did you end up merging this into the mainline? I’ve just updated my docker ws container to 1.6.4 which I understand uses the latest 2.8.1 correct? It still has the 1 second trigger state. If I have to run an alpha release I’m not sure how to load this in Docker. I can’t find it in the registry search on my DSM docker interface.

Integration is 7.0.4 version and add-on is on 1.6.4 version. Add-on is consuming 2.8.1 version of client.

No need for alpha release, tracking main version is good enough.

Okay all good now. I had to update my Home Assistant Core before I could update the addon but now I’m there. Thank you

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