Eufy Security Integration


please use this URL for repository address: GitHub - fuatakgun/eufy_security and follow rest of readme steps.

I have improved readme.

That worked thank you. I apologize, it’s the EUFY-SECURITY-WS repo that is giving me the error above.

No worries, that url is the one you need to setup yourself locally and integration will communicate with it.

Back to here, I have improved the integration.

  • No more manual setup is required. Use Add-on to install required software and use integration to handle the rest.
  • README file is updated with cleaner steps and pictures.

Very nice! this appears to be a complete Eufy solution.

i think we are getting closer but i have mainly focused around camera 2c as i only own it. adding more support for doorbells, motion sensors and stations are still required, way to improve.

Ok, got it all setup and have two questions:

I have Eufy 2k indoors, and ive identified two issues, but i think theyre likely with eufy_security_ws and not your implementation here.

  1. Latest snapshots only show up in the lovelace entity for cameras that have SD cards in them. With no SD card, no snapshot

  2. Streaming doesnt work, even when calling the start stream service. This one has always been finicky with any of the addons.

I supplemented an existing github issue for the stream, and created a new issue for the snapshot

thanks for feedback, responded over github issue Camera feed not detected after setup. · Issue #10 · fuatakgun/eufy_security · GitHub

  • i have improved sensor/binary sensor validation before creating them
  • i created rtsp and livestream services, you can try both and check the logs in add-on.
  • i have fixed high quality streaming codec issue

My entire home assistant instance freezed when I tried looking at one of the streams :thinking: I had to reboot host and when restarting the integration won’t load and was holding up setup of the entire home assistant. After another restart everything loads again but the streams aren’t working. Anyone else experienced something like this?

let me try to decrease the load on home assistant while generating the streams.
I will enable live stream for my both cameras and watch CPU usage on PI 4b and update here.


just a fysa for those not following the issues on github, thumbnails issue is fixed. Great job @fuatakgun

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I have had this identical problem twice now

Upon issuing the start stream command, my system becomes overloaded within a minute or two, and I have to force reboot. i5-6500TE… so wayyy more than enough power for 8 streams

I dont even get the streams.

Ill create a github issue for us.

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Here is the github issue:

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I have replied github issue about freezing host issue;
Assuming these cameras work in 2k stream mode, can you try with lowering stream quality, so i can find correct problem to focus on.

Please forgive me if I missed this somewhere above. I am using this set by Eufy (eufy Security eufyCam (2-Cam Kit) and Additional Sensor). I am able to detect both cameras, both of the door sensors also get detected as cameras. Each camera also shows a motion and a person detector, for a total of 8 entities. When I look at my history, the camera motion and person detectors always have a state of False and the cameras always have a state of idle. If I add a camera to Lovelace as a basic picture entity with the camera view set to Auto, I see the last snapshot. If I change the camera view to Live, nothing displays even if the camera has sensed motion and is recording. I can’t seem to figure out how to view the live stream.

I am able to add my camera to my configuration.yaml and with the camera view set to Live I can see the stream, but only if I refresh my page while the stream is still live. The stream will not start without the refresh.

  - platform: generic
    name: Back Door Camera
    still_image_url: "https://myfileinfo.jpeg"
    stream_source: "rtsp://"

This issue with the stream only starting on refresh is not unique to HA. Previously, I had been using TinyCam Pro on my wall mounted tablet and unless I set the refresh interval to be what I knew would be shorted than the camera recording, there would be no live stream. I got around this by using Tasker and Join to launch a new instance of the TinyCam Pro app upon the Eufy notification being received on my phone (Join passed the notification, Tasker launched TinyCam Pro on the passed notification and then closed the app 40 seconds later).

I’m so excited to have everything all in HA, but at the moment I’m not sure how to accomplish this? If the sensors were registering I could use those as a trigger for an automation but I’m stumped as of now. I know I am missing something and I’m feeling really silly. :\

Huge thank you to @fuatakgun.

Theres currently an issue with live view that required you to call the camera turn-off and then camera-turnon service for that cameras. ITs an open bug on github.

The fact that your motion detection isnt working is strange though, thats new to me. Check your app, make sure notifications are turned on (the underlying library depends on reading the notifications). Also, be sure you have created a guest account solely for HA, if you use the same account you use in the app they continually disconnect eachother.

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Thank you for letting me know about the live view issue. I’m sorry I missed that.

You were correct. This was my error again. I hadn’t turned on the notifications and should have thought of that. I was on Home mode and had only turned on the recording for testing. I see status changes in my history now and can use this until the issue with the live view is corrected.

Thank you, thank you.


happy to solve this all together. I have updated troubleshooting section of repository, please let me know if it can be improved.

Beside this bug and in general:

Is it possible (or will it be in the future), that the stream is automatically started when clicking on the snapshot picture: Last picture in dashboard, click on it, directly start and display stream, close stream popup is stopping livestream service on device to safe battery?

I have the old integration installed and running. There the same is needed, so currently here is no other option as in the ancient integration?

If your camera is using RTSP, it should automatically start streaming whenever you click on camera image. But I am not able to find an event so I can stop the stream automatically.

I am trying to generate list of cameras which don’t support rtsp, so i will automatically use p2p streaming.