Eurotronic Comet radiator thermostat and zigbee2mqtt

In HA, I am using several Eurotronic Z-Wave thermostats. Since one of them broke, I’m looking for a replacement. The Z-Wave version is no longer available for sale, but they now offer a Zigbee variant: Comet Zigbee Thermostat.

I already have Zigbee2MQTT running with several sensors, so it shouldn’t be a problem to replace the broken radiator thermostat with a Zigbee one.

However, in the Zigbee2MQTT supported devices list, I don’t see the Comet radiator thermostat: Zigbee2MQTT Supported Devices. The one displayed there looks very similar to the Z-Wave radiator thermostat I have.

Does anybody have experience with the Comet radiator thermostat?

Hello ErikNL,

I have several of these Comet zigbee, recognized as Spirit zigbee in zigbee2mqtt, but they are not 100% equivalent.
I tryed to look “New device” pages and advices, but I can’t figure out how to make the Comet recognized differently than the Spirit.

Any help welcome!


I took the plunge and I ordered 2 of these, took a few weeks before I got them. I’m using the to replace 2 z-wave Eurotronic devices.

I was able to add them to HA via Zigbee2mqtt, they are indeed recognized as spirit zigbee devices (Eurotronic SPZB0001 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT), but the first one I connected seems to work pretty well.

Only downside is that it only shows the set temperature when you touch the buttons, even when you chage it through HA.

Adding it as a separate device to Zigbee2mqtt would indeed be nice, even if it was only to get the right picture in there :slight_smile: But it seems that there’s quite some work involved in doing that (Support new devices | Zigbee2MQTT)

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I installed two of these on radiators and plan to fit them on my built in convectors soon.

They work on their own and integrate over ZHA as a thermostat.
Unfortunately unlike other TVRs I have in HA almost no device entities show so using them simple out of the box for controlling / scheduling trough HA isn’t really happening.

Trough ZHA toolkit service however I manage to write the setpoint attribute to them. Which I guess will allow me to set up a heating plan.

I run into two things at the moment

  • when adjusting required temperature manually with the buttons on the valve it doesn’t seem to (always?) ‘radio’ this value to HA
  • when writing to the attributes via ZHA toolkit service it doesn’t always seem to arrive in the TVR

Both problems are probably related and have something to do with it being a battery powered device that ‘sleeps’.
I guess it can be resolved by writing/reading back and forth to make sure the values are confirmed.
I’m just getting into the matter so some things are above my head but I’m learning.

If I get somewhere I’ll try to share my insights here.
Tips and tricks by more experienced users of course welcome.

Hi all,

I am looking for solution to control the valves on my own and read that the Spirit can be controlled by valve_position.

please can you conform that the Comet is reporting the value too? Or better if you can set it and it is applied?

If yes i would do my best to add as new device after buying them…