Eurotronic - Spirit (HVAC) presets / set values


can anyone explain me please the presets? Also I am wondering why some people have this “eco” preset. I cannot find this?

At the moment I have “preset_modes: none, Energy heat, Full power”

Where are the differences between “none”, “Engery heat” and “Full power”?

Which effect do they have when I use them?



To answer my own questions, partially.

  1. Full Power - as expected this is the boost mode (Mode 0x0F)
  2. Energy Heat - here its a little misunderstoodable… But this is the energy save mode (Mode 0x0B)
  3. none - did not find any explanation for this. Maybe the others? My assumption is that this is the normal behavior. Means no Full Power and not Energy Saving mode

But what I dont get is where I can set the temperature for the “Energy Heat” Mode. Is this: “[15-67-0-setpoint-1] setpoint (property)” or “[15-67-0-setpoint-11] setpoint (property)” under Thermostat Setpoint in Zwave2Mqtt?

And maybe another answer, but please anyone confirm, if you know that.

So what I found are the hexadecimal values

  1. 0x01 = heat
  2. 0x0B = energy heat (saving program)

Now when I convert the Hex Values in decimal
0x01 = 1 = [15-67-0-setpoint-1] setpoint (property) = heat temperature setpoint
0x0B = 11 = [15-67-0-setpoint-11] setpoint (property) = energy saving setpoint

Are my assumptions correct?


I see you are using the Spirit to control your radiators. Can you please share your experience?
Are you using Zigbee? If yes, with the Conbee 2?

If you use Zwave, which USB do you use?

Can you control your temperatures using automations? (set temperature to xyz?)

thank you for your answers!


I use the z-wave version. Have also Zigbee here, but the network is kinda full.

For Z-wave I use the Aeotec Stick. Works pretty fine with Zwave2Mqtt. But I guess it would also run with my Zigbee Setup(Sonoff Flashed with Tasmota).

Yes, it works neat. Just found a Blueprint which almost fulfilled my need. But some things were not working, as there is no “eco” preset, so I changed the Blueprint and added some functionality I would like to have.

I use this Blueprint:

But like mentioned, I missed some functions and also needed to do changes, because of the missing presets.
You can find mine here:


  • preset mode name


  • Timer for home detection and heating
  • Group presence detection
  • Energy Saving temperature

The other forkes or the original only heat when you are detected to be home. But when your smartphone is off for example, the heating does not start. So here you can set up a timer, like 10hours. Means if HA did not detect you for 10h, the heating will only go to energy saving mode.
As I found somehow a bug in the blueprint, I added the energy saving mode temperature, as this would be overwritten by the automation. Because basicially you don’t want to have the energy saving function to heat like the normal set point.
This way I prevent to let the house fully cool down.

I’ve just tested this now for ~3 days. Works fine so far. I used this as a proof of conecept first. But now I’ve ordered some more thermostats and as well some adapters. As I have here a very “special” need for M40 * 1.5, which is not standard these days. There are no official adapters for that, so I decided for a 3D Print in ABS.
Note: If someone else reads this, and you are searching for an Oventrop M40 * 1.5 Adapter, you can find a stl file on thingiverse. For the confusion. You need BOTH. The adapter and the piece inbetween, otherwise it does not work. Also you should go at least for ABS, because of the temperature.



By now I CANNOT recommend this devices. Actually all of them lose connection, a lot of retransmissions but the biggest problem is, they are not responding anymore. Means I need to remove a battery and put it back. If I dont do that, nothing works. Even not the Buttons on the devices.