Eurotronic Spirit Problems

Does Popp have FLIRS?

My understanding is that every other Z-wave thermostat does not have instant response like the Spirit does (after you set the temperature, you need to wait until thermostat’s next wakeup window). Is that the case for Popp?

It does not have Flirs, no.
And yes, but that’s just a few minutes, afaik

Do-you know if there’s any way to know when the valve is in error (INS) ?
It would be nice to get notified.

Also, when in “INS”, do-you know if valve is open or closed?

I’m working on a script that power on/off the heat circulation pump based on the current temperature and requested temperature of each thermostat valve but I also have to handle problems.

If I remember well (I returned these valves) no way to know InS state.
You have to operate manually on the TRV


just thinking of buying Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus # 700201. As I need quite many it would be nice to know if there is still problems especially with batsches after 2019?

I bought a bunch of these valves this year. And about half of them failed with the INS problem and huge battery drain.

The other half have been working perfectly. They were all the same version :man_shrugging:

Is it possible you got an old stock? I’ve bought them in October and so far no issues (but that does not really mean anything, they can break after months).

Sorry for late answer was off for family reasons…
Is there any nice alternative to the Spirit Z-Wave Plus to control the radiators?
FLiRS is just really nice in order to get current data.
Is there any revision/batch number on the defice to see if they are showing potential problems?

My experience with Eurotronic TRV:
When I used Zwave addon I couldn’t see the valve status, and sensors were dying without a reason.
so I switched to Zwave2MQTT and I could control Boiler when valve opens,
But with Zwave2MQTT the battery started to drain in few days and some Thermostat started to fall in INS mode(I think it is because of the battery), Sensors were still dying with Zwave2MQTT
I switched to OpenZwave(beta) , battery life improved (I suspect it is because of the poll interval)
Sensors stopped dying, but now after reboot Openzwave loses connection with MQTT and I can’t control the network from UI

Thank you Alex,
I set up OpenZwave beta and included the one test Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave I have. Shoes up in Lovelace and temp can be set immideately. Will see what battery does. Will implement the other entitiys like valve opening

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As I mentioned in the couple of posts above, I wanted to find Z-wave or Zigbee alternative and could not find it.

  • As far as I can tell, this is the only one FLiRS Z-wave thermostat, so all others are out of the picture for me.
  • All Zigbee thermostats have seeming compatibility and bug issues (was browsing through zigbee2mqtt issue tracker)

So I decided to give these a second chance with new batch.

Regarding valve status, I have zero issues with OZW beta. You have to do a bit of MQTT trickery, explained here:

Reboot issue can be worked around by dumping MQTT on every restart:

It is a shame that with all cons it is the best device on the market.

Thank you for the nice guidance. will order a bunch for the most important radiators and see what happens.
Do you have a recomendation for a simple to use automation on the heating system side? Will move over to automations…

did you get anywhere with this? I have a couple of Spirit z-wave TRVs that keeps going into the InS mode

It also happens to me.
But since I started to use 1.5 li-ion batteries (type c charging socket) from aliexpress it is not so often.

It’s a hardware problem. They had a bad batch of these with the INS issue. You can’t really do much except return them (if possible) and get new ones.