Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave can't change room temperature setpoint

I’ve just installed a Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave thermostat with zwave-js on HASS 2021-10-5. The inclusion and interview of the device went well and it’s reporting temperature and valve settings nicely.

However according to the z-wave Spec of the device I should be able to configure the target temperature (called Thermostat Setpoint in the PDF on page 16).

I can’t find the related entity and I’m kind of lost as that’s the primary function of such a device. Am I missing something?

I have found a way to set the temperature, but it’s not working with the thermostat card in lovelace unfortunately. Here’s how I managed to adjust the setpoint:

  1. Developer Tools → Services
  2. Service: Climate: Set temperature
  3. Target: Select your thermostat device
  4. Check Temperature (New target temperature for HVAC)
  5. Fill out the field net to it with the target setpoint in C
  6. Press Call service
  7. Expect no feedback, check the Climate card for your thermostat on the dashboard.

Strange, I have 3 of these TVRs and have no problem to set temperature setpoint from thermostat card.
Don’t you have, by chance temperature offset (parameter 8) set to -128? This would disable TVR automatic temperature control and set it manul mode, requireing external automation to control valve opening. This might, perhaps, also affect setting the temperature setpoint, as irrelevant to such scenario.

Weird, I tried today again and now it’s working with the lovelace card. Maybe it was a temporary connection problem last week. Thank you Mirek for your answer!