Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus range extend


I’m trying to install Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus I started with two valves in my living room and they are working fine. Now I bought 2 more. One for my bedroom and one for my corridor. I have a corridor between the living room and the bedroom. The range of the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 which I’m using is not enough to cover the entire flat. I placed one valve in the corridor. I want to use this valve as a network repeater to cover my bedroom, but it does not cover it (or it does not repeat the commands).
When I connect the valve from the bedroom in the zone with cover, it is working fine but after that install it on the radiator it’s is out of range and in my home-assistant its status is “death”.

I have a few questions:
Are all z-wave devices repeat the signals (do all z-wave devices are repeaters)?
Does the Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus is a repeater and can I use it as described above?
What device can I install to extend my z-wave network (I don’t have an electrical socket in the corridor and I’m not sure that I can install Aeotec range extender)?
Do you know for some z-wave thermometer device, which can be used as a network repeater?