Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee - zigbee2mqtt/deconz

I just don’t know where I can ask my question elsewhere and maybe someone is wondering too, so here we go:

I have several working SPZB0001 with zigbee2mqtt with HA.

What I don’t get is how I can configure the devices that the maximum temperature isn’t 30°C anymore.
I set the temperature through system mode and, as it is described in the docs, the device sets to Boost-Mode. But how do I achieve it to set it permanently to a different value?

If I use only the climate.set_temperature

    "hvac_mode": "heat"

the device tries to heat until 30°C.

If I use

    "hvac_mode": "heat",
    "temperature": "16"

the device mostly sets temperature to 16°C, but it also happens that it ignores my temperature attribute and sets it to 30°C anyway.

If I use

    "hvac_mode": "heat",
    "temperature": "16",

nothing new happens on the device; it mostly sets temperature to 16°C, but also sometimes to 30°C.

So… has anyone here an example for me how to correctly address these thermostats?
And, bonus question:

  • What is the mirror mode?

The documentation of the device doesn’t give answers at all, so I hope you guys can help.

Thanks a lot!

the “target_temp_high” flag is unfourtunatelly readonly, in my documentatition.

Thanks for your hint, because of your comment I remembered this thread.

I switched to Deconz with Conbee2 because it’s definitely more reliable than zigbee2mqtt, but if anyone else asks himself the same question as I did 2 years ago:


    "hvac_mode": "auto",
    "temperature": "19"

I figured out that “auto” works way better then “heat”. I also don’t turn the climates “off”, I just use “auto” and a low temperature.
Works like a charm :innocent: