Eurotronic Stella Z radiator thermostat (zwave) - exclusion and 'fresh' inclusion problem - Solved


After working correctly for about 2 years my Eurotronic Stella Z radiator thermostat is acting up. Some how the temperature value stays at zero, the thermostat entity seems to work and the battery entity also.

I figured excluding and including the device would maybe solve the isue. But somehow i am not able to exclude the node with the exclude function in zwave menu. The log gives an error. Eventually I was able to get the node removed by editing the attribute ‘is_failed’ to true in the edit entity menu under configuration. This was a actually a real hassle with many tries the node eventually disappeared.

The problem is when I re-include the node, the node comes back with the same node_id and al other settings stayed the same as they were before exclusion. Also the problem with the temperature entity still exists.

It looks like this node is screwed up somehow and it is not possible to exclude or remove it properly and get a ‘fresh’ inclusion. Is there a different way to make sure I remove this node completely, reset the thermostat and do a clean/fresh inclusion?

Well it figures that to properly remove the stella z you have to press and HOLD the wakeup button until the open zwave log says its excluded…