Eva Logik WF31 dimmer issues

I have an Eva Logik WF31T which I picked up because it was the only Tasmota supported dimmer I could find that was a toggle style switch. Internally it is the sort that has an esp8266 running the WiFi and talking to a Tuya MCU that handles the dimming. Unfortunately this particular device has been rather flaky for me, it will work fine for a few days and then it’s like the communication between the esp and the Tuya MCU gets out of whack and it starts acting up. For example I might toggle the light or change the brightness in the web interface or in Home Assistant and the light either doesn’t respond, or it will turn on but then won’t change brightness or and won’t turn off or other weirdness. I can hard power it off and back on and then it works fine for a few days and then starts acting up again. Ironically it is the most expensive device in my setup and the only one that I’ve been unsatisfied with. Does anyone else have experience with a dimmer in this series? The WF31 comes in both rocker and toggle versions which I think are the same internally. I’d like to figure out if I’ve just got a defective one, or if perhaps there’s a firmware bug in Tasmota or a configuration issue. The fact that it works perfectly for a while suggests to me that the setup is correct. I’m tempted to pull it out and stick a Shelly dimmer in there wired to a momentary up/down toggle but I don’t want to give up too easily.

I have three of the paddle versions of the WF31 and two of them are rock solid and the third has issues similar to what you describe. It will work for a while and then it stops sending any local updates (but still works if I send commands to it) and I’ll see the light at the bottom blinking which I believe indicates the Tuya chip has lost sync with the ESP chip. Since all three of them run the same config and version of Tasmota, I have to assume that this one is either defective or has some quirk the other two don’t.

I also have many of the 3-way on/off (WF30) which don’t have the Tuya chip and they all have worked perfectly.

Interesting, thanks for the additional data point, sounds like there is indeed some sort of problem with this one I have. I guess I need to decide between tear it apart and see if I can diagnose the fault, or try to load the stock firmware back on the thing and just return it, or I could ebay it as-is with full disclosure of the issues in case someone else wants to mess with it. I’m actually not all that impressed with this thing in general, the dimming performance is not all that great, not nearly as good as the Shelly in trailing edge mode, it flickers and flashes when dimmed while running on generator power (Honda EU2000i so nice clean sine wave), the toggle is oddly styled and doesn’t really match my other switches anyway.

Ultimately with most of this stuff the most important part is the wife approval factor. If something as simple as a light switch isn’t 100% reliable and as foolproof as a plain old switch it will be one of my toys and I’ll never hear the end of it. If I’m not home and a lamp or something is acting up she can unplug it or unscrew a smart bulb and stick a regular bulb in there, but when it’s a switch that’s wired into the house that isn’t an option.

Could either of you post information about how to flash the WF31S with Tasmota / ESPHome? I cracked it open and didn’t see anything resembling TX / RX / 3.3V / GND. Any information you have would be invaluable.